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20-Dec-2011 Phil LGBT Hate Crime Watch Joins Ladlad Super XMAS Party!

20-Dec-2011 Phil LGBT Hate Crime Watch Joins Ladlad Super XMAS Party!

    • Time
      6:00pm until 7:30pm
  • Where
    Isis International Philippines (Marunong St., Barangay Central, Quezon City), Quezon City, Philippines
  • Description
    Ladlad most graciously said that we'll combine parties! So yehey! See you all at the Isis Int'l house, Marunong St., Barangay Central, Diliman, Quezon City!

    Hello all!

    The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch (PLHCW, http://thephilippinelgbthatecrimewatch.blogspot.com/) has grown exponentially since May of this year. And I believe its success is very much due to its open, democratic and free-flowing group structure that is designed to encourage more liberal, progressive, and human rights-oriented individuals and organizations to come and join the activism. Eager to mold more pro-LGBT activists, PLHCW members who have attended the last meet-up agreed to design future meet-ups as a form of informal peer education events on international human rights frameworks and other activism skills and concepts essential to any activist for LGBT Human Rights. We recognize that the key to the evolution of pro-LGBT activism is cooperation and mutual empowerment. For if we wish to shape the Philippines into an LGBT-accepting society where no hate crimes occur, we must pool our strengths and resources to create generations upon generations of activists that will usher this change.

    Along with the expansion and holistic education of our membership, we will continue to monitor mass media reports and personal accounts of hate crimes that target LGBT persons in the Philippines. We will also strive to innovate our monitoring and research document to include hate incidences while devising feasible means to gather first-hand data on hate crimes and incidences.

    To ensure that the trajectory of our activism remains within this comprehensive and community-based spirit, I am inviting all of you to our very first Potluck Planning Party and Meet-up which will be held along with Ladlad's Party at Isis! Let us give shape to our organization's goals for 2012 and have fun while doing it. Bring whatever food and drinks you can afford. I'll prepare my own stuff too!

    I hope to see ya'll there.

    Reighben Earl Wysten M. Labilles
    Head Researcher and Spokesperson
    The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch
    Mobile Number: 09179714096

Monday, November 21, 2011

NO MORE KILLINGS! (Statement of the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch on the Transgender Day of Remembrance 2011)


The Government must act now to define Hate Crimes and give justice to victims and survivors!

Statement of the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch on the Transgender Day of Remembrance 2011

Today the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch, an alliance of organizations and individuals united to end hate crimes and hate incidents committed against LGBTs in the Philippines, is supporting the global observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance, today 20 November 2011.

The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch calls the attention of the public and the government to the fact that many Filipino transgenders and those who were presumed as transgenders were murdered since 1996. Doubling the tragedy of the fact of their deaths is our government's continuing inaction and apathy towards the appeals of the LGBT community to render attention in the form of investigations, prosecutions and punishment of perpertrators. To date, no one stands accused of inflicting crimes based on hate and bias towards LGBTs, and in some few cases of legal action, the incidents are treated as ordinary crimes.

The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch continues to lobby for the Philippine government to change its attitude and work methods to reflect the growing numbers of unsolved deaths of our transgender brothers and sisters. It is only a fitting act of justice to the transgendered communities if our government agencies begin to pay closer attention to the problem and introduce legal and administrative reforms.

To the public, we continue to plead for vigilance and heightened awareness that transphobia and homophobia is a reality in Philippine culture and it kills and maims transgendered, lesbian, gay and bisexual persons. It is now or never, we should start addressing transphobia and homophobia in our families, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. The seemingly harmless taunts, harassment, and verbal abuse of our transgendered youth can lead to emotional distress from bullying and can lead to violence and bodily harm. We should stop denying that transphobia is a problem and continues to encourage hateful persons and groups in our country to find more victims.

Let this year's Transgender Day of Remembrance lead to more awareness of the needless deaths of our trans sisters and brothers. No more killings! Act now to outlaw hate crimes and bias crimes! Give justice to the victims and survivors!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Homophobic Article posted in DefinitelyFilipino.Com

A Homophobic Article posted in a Filipino Website.

Note: If possible, please report the article (found here) since it contains hateful speech against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Filipinos. Given its contents, it is an example of online hate speech.

The Homosexuality Conspiracy (How Come Puro Kabaklaan ang Pina-iiral sa Media?)

By | November 19, 2011 | 41 Comments | Filed under: Life in the Philippines, Lifestyle, Love & Relationships, MISCELLANEOUS, Rants

I guess some of Hollywood has forcefully pushed homosexuality ideas to the younger generation through media. My counter-message to that is, “It’s not okay to be gay if you think you’re not supposed to be one,” (does that make sense?). It’s like reverse racism, Hollywood is practically confusing the kids. I’m not hating or “totally disapproving” on “gay” people. They can be effeminate (for males) or masculine (for females) as much as they want to. I will respect their behaviour, but I am forever against the homosexual/gay sex-act.

It will NEVER be natural.

Three points for the concept of sex 1) pleasure, 2) the expression of love, and 3) pro-creation/reproduction. Those are what constitute the “rightness” of the Universe when it comes to sex. For sure, people (male to female, or F2F/M2M) can engage in sexually pleasurable acts to express their love for each other or to blow-off some biological sexual steam, but that is a choice and orientation of preference.

ITEM number 3 doesn’t apply to gay people, however, when they do the sex-act. Homosexuals will never ever reproduce offspring. Now, I am not saying that homosexuals are evil people because they are not. It might be said that there is no blame to be placed on them if they realize one day that they have been put in the wrong body (gender wise). It’s the unfortunate roll of the proverbial dice [and if I might be so bold as to compare this to what a person must face when (due to the random confluence of factors and forces that make-up and mold the Universe) he is born dirt poor, ridiculously rich, pitifully dumb, admirably smart, with congenital diseases, afflictions and disabilities, a broken home, etc.] that they are expected to struggle and strive to take the “proper” path and not give in to what could be the easiest one. If I were born poor, would I take the simple way out by stealing and robbing the hell out of those who have the wealth or would I work hard to get out of it even if I always wind up in a dead end because of a cruel economic system that propagates the hamster wheel? It’s through the dignity and self-respect an individual gains from struggling and striving against what was unfortunately handed to him by circumstances that he emerges a better human being.

What most things spewed out by media, especially in Hollywood (those overtly liberal types, lmao), are powerfully influential that we are convinced to believe that it’s really okay to be gay and to give in (to be “true” to one’s self). But in my humble opinion, we are fed and hammered with these opinions by others constantly that we begin to believe that MAYBE it is acceptable (since it’s already existed even during Greek times or maybe even longer through pre-history. And after all, gay-sex and incest are normal in the animal kingdom right?) But, despite these facts, we should understand that as human beings who are bestowed with the abilities of self-reflection and self-consciousness, we are capable of living as creatures of higher sentience. We have dignity and we have the power to share this dignity to others.

Again they can be “soft” or effeminate (for men) and “hard” and masculine (for women) and they will always get the respect that is due them, but never when it comes to the sex-act. Gay people can’t pro-create so they influence and encourage other people to be gay so they can propagate the movement. IMHO. That’s my two cents and I know people will remain divided on this issue. Let love and understanding reign. Peace! (eactm)


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A Facebook Note by: Carl-oh Fabish Gonzales

A personal account of violence against LGBT Filipinos (A Hate Crime)

First written and posted as a Facebook Note by Carl-oh Fabish Gonzales

OBAR INCIDENT (You'll pay for this)

by Carl-oh Fabish Gonzales on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 3:51pm

This is a disturbing matter! My friend was dragged inside your bar and beat four of your customers without any reasons. Grabe! Wala kayong nagawa to think ang lalaki ng katawan ng mga waiters niyo! What we are wanted is not a simple sympathy, we are asking for a justice. Tambayan ng bakla ang OBAR, Sa amin kayo kumikita. Wala ang establishment niyo kung hindi sa amin. If gays are not safe to a so called "gay haven", bakit pa namin kailangan ang bar niyo. Mismo sa loob ng bar niyo nangyari ang incident. Kahit anong anggulo niyo tignan, mali ang naging katayuan niyo sa isang insidente kagaya nito.

You may refer to this photo for your reference. This is an actual photo of my friend.

His post after the incident and I quote " ‎(To Begin With, I'm NOT Drunk ^I^ ) I'm Calling All My BELOVED Friends To Sympathize With Me....With What Has Just Happened To Me In/At "O-Bar, Malate" (Thursday Morning, November 10, 2011)....I Was Arbitrarily Dragged From Where I Was Stranding (In Front Of A Certain Mirror...Near The D.J.'s Booth) And Got PUNCHED By A Certain Man (A Filipino Guy...With His Four Colleagues....One Of Whom Was An Arabic Man....Ako Pa! Matalas Ang Memory Ko Noh! ^I^ ) My Nose Kept On Bleeding....I Have WITNESSES.....Whatever The Reason Was...NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO PUNCH ANYONE.....And, OF ALL THE PEOPLE, AKO PA!!?? Nyeta Ka! HINDI KO PALALAMPASIN ITO! To The Management Of "O-Bar", I DON'T DESERVE SUCH TREATMENT....Hindi Pa Ito PERIOD...I'm Not DONE Yet....( I'M REALLY UPSET......SUPER UPSET!!! ^I^ GGRRHHHH! )

To all gay men let us not support this bar. They are just happy with our money and never with our welfare and safety.

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19-Nov-2011 (Saturday) Everyone-is-Invited Meetup

Saturday, November 19 · 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Top Floor Starbucks at Shangri-La Mall in Shaw cor Edsa

Created By

ForPhilippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch

More Info
Hey ya'll!

Our 29 November 2011 Forum/Round Table discussion in the HOR is fast approaching! We'll have to meet to:

- Finalize our invites. (We should invite all LGBT orgs! But then, who else?)
- Finish Logo and Tarp designs!

and talk about the following:
- What we should do in the upcoming Pride March
- What kinds of rallies or political demonstrations we're willing to do and join

and for our meeting intro, lets share:
- How we came-out to our friends/family
- How our friends and family came to tolerate or accept us (or lack thereof)
- And from these experiences, how we can inspire others to come-out and possibly, be an LGBT rights activist too!

See ya'll there! Bring friends and family (kung keri :) )!

    Filipino Psychologists Take A Stand Against LGBT Discrimination

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    Digital Journal Reports
    NOV 2, 2011 by Ron de Vera - comments

    First posted in Digital Journal by Ron De Vera, read his other articles here, and follow Ron on Twitter.

    Filipino Psychologists Take A Stand Against LGBT Discrimination Special

    Manila - On October 27, the Statement of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) on "Non-Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression" was made public on PAP's website.
    According to the website, PAP's non-discrimination statement aims to "eliminate stigma, prejudice, discrimination and violence against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender)" people by supporting efforts to:
    • oppose all public and private discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity and expression;
    • repeal discriminatory laws and policies, and support the passage of legislation at the local and national levels that protect the rights and promote the welfare of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions;
    • eliminate all forms of prejudice and discrimination against LGBTs in teaching, research, psychological interventions, assessment and other psychological programs;
    • encourage psychological research that addresses the needs and concerns of LGBT Filipinos and their families and communities;
    • disseminate and apply accurate and evidence-based information about sexual orientation and gender identity and expression to design interventions that foster mental health and wellbeing of LGBT Filipinos.
    By releasing this statement, the PAP joins the ranks of other mental health professional organizations around the world in affirming that "lesbian, gay and bisexual orientations are normal variants of human sexuality." These organizations include the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, British Psychological Society, the Colombian Society of Psychology, Psychological Society of South Africa, the Australian Psychological Society, and the International Network on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Concerns and Transgender Issues in Psychology, among others.
    A Society of Tolerance not Acceptance
    The statement includes a general list of how LGBT Filipinos still experience stigma, prejudice and discrimination in Philippine society such as "bullying, teasing and harassment of LGBT children and adolescents in families, schools and communities; media portrayal of LGBTs as frivolous, untrustworthy and even dangerous or predatory; denying transgender Filipinos entry into commercial establishments; pigeonholing LGBT Filipinos into particularly limited roles and occupations; or curtailing their rights to participate in the political sphere."
    In addition to these cases of discrimination, there have also been an increasing number of reported LGBT killings. According to The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch, a monitoring group that documents hate crimes in the Philippines, there have been more than 141 reported cases of LGBT people killed in the Philippines since 1996.
    Long Journey
    The release of this statement traces its roots all the way back to the beginning of 2011. In February, a PAP-certified clinical psychologist guested on the morning show Umagang Kay Ganda (Beautiful Morning) and stated on national TV that LGBT people can become straight and achieve a happy life by going through therapy.
    According to Eric Julian Manalastas, an assistant professor of Psychology at the University of the Philippines - Diliman and a member of the PAP, this was a "misleading, inaccurate, and unethical statement." It prompted him to write to PAP to ask the organization to take action on the matter. On October 8, the board of directors approved a statement that Manalastas drafted along with Prof. Jay Yacat, a professor from the same university.
    The Real Work Begins
    But the long journey doesn't stop with the statement's approval. "...when I saw it finally released on the official PAP mailing list and the website, I was thinking, wow now the work begins," said Manalastas. He expects that out of the several commitments, the last one (disseminate and apply accurate and evidence-based information about sexual orientation and gender identity and expression) will have an immediate effect on the lives of LGBT Filipinos. "I would like to see all Filipino psychologists know that diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity is a compelling reality of human life...and that they apply and share this knowledge when they teach students, do research, talk to the media, and deliver professional services like counseling and therapy," he added.
    Personal Connection
    Manalastas said he got a lot of personal satisfaction when the statement was released. He holds a strong connection to the issue as he and Yacat personally worked on the statement together until its approval. Despite the long journey and the challenge posed by society, Manalastas seemed hopeful and shared that "though few compared to in other countries, Filipino psychologists are well-placed (in schools, universities, organizations, clinics, etc.) and have a good opportunity to impact directly on the well-being, self-esteem, and personal identity of LGBT and non-LGBT Filipinos."

    Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/313776#ixzz1cnWnWPIo