Saturday, January 7, 2012

Minutes of the 1st PLHCW meet-up for 2012

Rundown of 2011 events:

High Impact:

1. IDAHO rally to the Commission on Human Rights – We got the discussion on hate crimes going

2. Forum in Congress by Gabriela Women’s Partylist and Bayan Muna Partylist, in partnership with the Committee on Women and Gender Equality

3. LGBT Forum by the Presidential Human Rights Committee

Other significant activities:

1. Regular coverage by broadcast media

2. Establishment of the blog as an online info and data hub:

3. Submission of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) with Pro-Gay, R-Rights, and data contribution to the joint ICCPR and UPR report submissions with other LGBT groups.

4. Applied to various funding agencies

5. Regular meet-ups, attempts at expanding membership

Contents of the Hate Crime and Hate Incident Form (Rough, must be available in Filipino, English, and other Philippine Languages and Dialects)



Sexual Orientation:

Gender Identity:

Scene/Location of the Crime/Incident:

Residence Address of the Victim:



Details of the Crime/Incident:

Date of the Crime/Incident:

Date Reported (police and or media outlet, if reported):

Date Encoded:

Contact Details of the Victim:

· The form is to improve and expand the database, will include definitions of hate crime

· When we do get new reports, we do what we can to help

Early Tasks for 2012

For immediate execution (means that we’ll be meeting more often)

· Tam Maguad has volunteered to help with maintaining new database forms (when it’s uploaded)

· Oscar Atadero has helped with creating the hate crime analysis flow chart (includes what services we can provide)

· Differentiating the different kinds of hate crimes and hate incidences (Violent, Non-violent Hate Crimes)

· Creating a set of Emergency Guidelines when responding to hate crimes/incidences

· Creating a Crime Prevention Unit/Methods

· Creating the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch Constitution

· Report to US Embassy

· Policy Recommendations for PHRC

· Drumming-up support for the Anti-Discrimination Bill (Senate Version)

Long-term goals for 2012 execution

· Peer-ed (study group) style exploration and discussion of ICCPR, IESCR, CRC, CEDAW, CAT, Philippine Constitution, Philippine Penal Code (anti-sexual harassment, anti-rape, etc, violent crimes, crimes against property, crimes against the person)

· Youtube Interview Project of legal professionals on laws related to hate crimes/hate incidences ( a raw policy research and study)

· Organizational Building and Membership expansion

· Capacity building on hate crimes/hate incidences

· Creating a mechanism to make the PLHCW financially self-sufficient

· Stronger alliances with other groups

· IDAHO 2012

Positions within the Organization:

1. Kevin Cascon - Social Media Director

2. Darrel Friend – Creative Director

3. Del Domingo – Documentations Director

4. Tam Maguad – Hate Prevention and Analysis Director

5. Oscar Atadero – Trainings Director

6. Marlon Lacsamana – Founder, PLHCW

7. Reighben Labilles – Spokesperson, PLHCW

Next meet-up: 14 January 2012 (10:00 am onwards at Reighben's Humbly Sweet Abode (1955 Campillo St, corner Angel Linao and Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila)

- Agenda:

- Discussing details of the YouTube interview project (input from professionals and hate crime members)

-peer-ed session: CEDAW (marlon), CRC (Oka), Kevin (CAT), ESCR (Reighben), ICCPR (Darrel), CERD (Del)


-Study the treatises

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