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A Homophobic Article posted in DefinitelyFilipino.Com

A Homophobic Article posted in a Filipino Website.

Note: If possible, please report the article (found here) since it contains hateful speech against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Filipinos. Given its contents, it is an example of online hate speech.

The Homosexuality Conspiracy (How Come Puro Kabaklaan ang Pina-iiral sa Media?)

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I guess some of Hollywood has forcefully pushed homosexuality ideas to the younger generation through media. My counter-message to that is, “It’s not okay to be gay if you think you’re not supposed to be one,” (does that make sense?). It’s like reverse racism, Hollywood is practically confusing the kids. I’m not hating or “totally disapproving” on “gay” people. They can be effeminate (for males) or masculine (for females) as much as they want to. I will respect their behaviour, but I am forever against the homosexual/gay sex-act.

It will NEVER be natural.

Three points for the concept of sex 1) pleasure, 2) the expression of love, and 3) pro-creation/reproduction. Those are what constitute the “rightness” of the Universe when it comes to sex. For sure, people (male to female, or F2F/M2M) can engage in sexually pleasurable acts to express their love for each other or to blow-off some biological sexual steam, but that is a choice and orientation of preference.

ITEM number 3 doesn’t apply to gay people, however, when they do the sex-act. Homosexuals will never ever reproduce offspring. Now, I am not saying that homosexuals are evil people because they are not. It might be said that there is no blame to be placed on them if they realize one day that they have been put in the wrong body (gender wise). It’s the unfortunate roll of the proverbial dice [and if I might be so bold as to compare this to what a person must face when (due to the random confluence of factors and forces that make-up and mold the Universe) he is born dirt poor, ridiculously rich, pitifully dumb, admirably smart, with congenital diseases, afflictions and disabilities, a broken home, etc.] that they are expected to struggle and strive to take the “proper” path and not give in to what could be the easiest one. If I were born poor, would I take the simple way out by stealing and robbing the hell out of those who have the wealth or would I work hard to get out of it even if I always wind up in a dead end because of a cruel economic system that propagates the hamster wheel? It’s through the dignity and self-respect an individual gains from struggling and striving against what was unfortunately handed to him by circumstances that he emerges a better human being.

What most things spewed out by media, especially in Hollywood (those overtly liberal types, lmao), are powerfully influential that we are convinced to believe that it’s really okay to be gay and to give in (to be “true” to one’s self). But in my humble opinion, we are fed and hammered with these opinions by others constantly that we begin to believe that MAYBE it is acceptable (since it’s already existed even during Greek times or maybe even longer through pre-history. And after all, gay-sex and incest are normal in the animal kingdom right?) But, despite these facts, we should understand that as human beings who are bestowed with the abilities of self-reflection and self-consciousness, we are capable of living as creatures of higher sentience. We have dignity and we have the power to share this dignity to others.

Again they can be “soft” or effeminate (for men) and “hard” and masculine (for women) and they will always get the respect that is due them, but never when it comes to the sex-act. Gay people can’t pro-create so they influence and encourage other people to be gay so they can propagate the movement. IMHO. That’s my two cents and I know people will remain divided on this issue. Let love and understanding reign. Peace! (eactm)


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