Saturday, January 14, 2012

Notes from the 2nd PLHCW Meet-up

We did a study group! Yey! Again, it was an intimate affair. Only eight (2 were absolutely fresh attendees, so more yey!) of us came. But we reported on the human rights conventions, discussed it, and thought of ways on how we can use them for LGBT activism. With hard work maybe we can convince more people to come. However quaint our number, today, we made progress as a group. We'll definitely have more study sessions in the months to come. We can never have too much education on pro-LGBT rights.

We also set further tasks for our group in response to the recent Vatican and CBCP pronouncements. We decided on the following:
  • Exploring and establishing alliances with organizations that have a secular approach in dealing with bigoted organizations, groups
  • Starting on-line petition to launch a campaign against CBCP's homophobic and transphobic statements and policies (to be analyzed as a study, check ipetitions)

We also discussed the Youtube Interview Project:

The videos will be uploaded for public consumption so that more people can join our activism and be aware of our cause. Most videos will be around 3 to 5 mins, some may reach 10 mins.
  • A viral video, focusing on a meme we'll try to establish called "Wit Yan True"
  • We'll interview experts on the anti-discrimination bill
  • We can video people talking about LGBT-related personal stories
  • Videos on the history of Philippine LGBT activism
  • Videos on the current situation of Philippine LGBTs
  • Videos explaining Gender Identity and Expression, and Sexual Orientation
  • Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender 101s
  • Videos that state facts of LGBT issues

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