Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teacher stabbed dead in Tondo (PhilStar)

Teacher stabbed dead in Tondo
By Nestor Etolle (The Philippine Star) Updated January 14, 2012 12:00 AM Comments (0)

MANILA, Philippines - A high school teacher was stabbed dead in his house in Tondo, Manila Thursday afternoon.

The body of Nelson Macam, 49, who worked at the Ramon Magsaysay High School, was discovered by his younger sister, May, when she checked his room in their three-story residence at past 1 p.m.

May, who occupies a room at the third floor of the house, told police she was supposed to have lunch with her brother but he would not answer her phone calls. When she checked his room, which is on the second floor, she found Macam’s body, clad in boxer shorts.

Police Officer 2 Jupiter Tajonera said the victim sustained stab wounds in the chest, back and both arms. “The victim tried to parry the thrusts from the suspect as indicated from stab wounds in both arms,” he said.

Tajonera said the victim frequently entertained male visitors and gay friends in his room.

Except for bloodstains on floor leading to the bathroom, the living room was in order and a digital video disc was still playing. A cell phone charger was inserted in the wall socket, but the phone is missing, Tajonera said. The victim’s briefs and a bathroom towel were hung on a table near the bathroom.

Tajonera said he is still checking whether Macam lost cash or valuables in the attack.

Residents in the area told police they did not notice anything unusual at the time Macam’s body was discovered.


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