Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cebu Pellet Gun Shooting Incident

This story has now been covered by ABSCBN News.

Cebu Pellet Gun Shooting Incident (click to visit the Facebook Note)

first written and posted by

Angeliki Sotirakopoulou (Typhoon Jelena) (click to open her Facebook page)

One time i was checking my facebook here in Manila, that when i open it an alarming status from a friend of mine from Cebu. about a pellet gun shooting incident happen just around the streets of Barangay Lorega. stated that one evening on October 9 2011 there was a Trans Pageant held in such barangay. that after the pageant girls go together on the way to their next itenirary that a green car just stop and start to shot them with an airgun several times. many of the trans girls who were walking in the streets got hit and suffer from minor wounds on their back and some parts of their bodies. another incident happen on the same barangay saturday night on October 8 2011 that girls were just hanging in the streets that a black fortuner van stop over and shot them with the same thing that according to gretchen one of the victim. said that she got hit by those pellets on her arms.....according to my friend chinchin that one time she just got out from work that suddenly one car did the same thing and shot her that it hit her 3 times in her legs and 1 in her arms. just yesterday October 10 201, another incident happen around metro cebu.they go around were many trans and gay is active around nightime. in barangay Carreta many got hit. one tgirl friend of mine Rica got hit that it look like a ciggarette burn scar in her forehead. on the same date another car went to COA and fire a pellet gun on girls..who this guy thought were tgirls.

this thing happen before way back 2003 somewhere in Gorordo. were many ts streetwalkers are active.worst thing can happen is that this group of guys often come out in the car and chase the tgirls. and beat them up in the streets. they suspect that this is a group of guys inside the car. who just stop by and shot them with pellet guns out of nothing but fun and hate towards transgender and gays.this guys as they say comes from a very prominent family. and just a bunch of rich spoiled kids who got nothing to do but make this dreadfull act. after several years.this incident was stop and girls never fear to walk in the streets its back and its getting worst........

as many girls experience this recently....many want to take some actions...but many also are discourage to report everything to the police or the barangay....for the reason that police just dont do anything about it. cause they think that the police just laugh and put the fault on them back, coz why are they still up at night and walk in the streets. according to one of the tgirl she experience. that sometimes one of the guys in the car goes out, and beat them up grab their hair, while the car is running. many of the victims wanna do a simple act of taking the plate number of the car, and report this to the police and do some blotter. but its hopeless since most of them just turn their back during the incident. avoiding the pellet shots that might hit them in the eye for the fear that it might blind them. and some of them just run and hide afraid it will hit them. so non could record the plate number just the color of the car.according to different trans and gay around metro cebu.they come in different cars and they go around different barangays

i wrote this note for the concern of my fellow gay and trans sisters in cebu and take advantage of the social network to publish this incident. this has to stop not just around our city.around the country as well. stop all this malicious act and all this hate towards us. the pellet gun only cause a minor wounds to everyone who got hit with it but who knows in the future they might do worst and more violent towards us. we need information how to take action and also make documentation of the incident. we want to make Philippines a safe place to live for LGBT community not just for us but for everyone.

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