Tuesday, October 25, 2011

22 October 2011 Meet-up Results!

In the 22 October 2011 Everyone-is-Invited Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch meet-up, we discussed the following:

A. We discussed the details of the 29 November 2011 Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch (PLHCW) Round Table Discussion (RTD) in the House of Representatives as supported, initiated and organized by Gabriela Women’s Partylist (GWP) and Bayan Muna Partylist (BM).

  1. The event is a sure go! Our great gratitude to both GWP and BM for their boundless support and generosity to the activism of the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch!
  2. The topics will now focus on the activism of the PLHCW, specifically on the Philippine Hate Crime Situationer and the experience abroad on Anti-Hate Crime advocacies.
  3. We extend our warmest invitations to all LGBT Rights activists and groups. If you want to receive a formal invitation, please email me at reighben@live.com or simply post your name and/or organization name including your email address at the facebook group. You’ll be there both as an attendee and as a resource person as well so you can address questions that may be raised by the Representatives. *Our friend and ally, Ladlad Partylist will be there! J Yey!*
  4. Our main audience is of course the members of the House of Representatives! We will focus our efforts on inviting the Committee on Women, Committee on Human Rights and maybe even the Committee on Justice, so we’ll need help distributing the letters! I’ll inform ya’ll once the letters are ready. J
  5. As events like these are momentous and rare, the PLHCW, in partnership with GWP and BM will accept submissions of articles and essays about the LGBT Human Rights situations in the Philippines from different individuals and groups. Please do not forget to indicate your name and/or organization’s name so it will appear in the finished output. Please use proper citations and footnoting (APA format). Along with the RTD presentations, it will be published as a readings kit that will be distributed to the attendees of the event. It will also be made available online. Deadline for submissions is 12 November 2011. Please forward it to reighben@live.com Thanks!
  6. Once the articles and essays are submitted, I’ll compile them and forward them to both KC and Jaimee so they can make the designs for the tarps! If time permits, they may even be able to create a brand-spanking new PLHCW logo and exhibit tarps! *Many thanks you two!*
  7. And, if we can gather that much attendees to the RTD, we can organize a peaceful gathering outside of the venue to show the HOR that we LGBT activists stand united and strong for Human Rights and Equality for All!

B. The planned viral video series will present the following themes, messages and/or topics:

  1. Breaking negative perceptions on LGBT Filipinos
  2. Show achievements of out and proud LGBT Filipinos
  3. Inspirational messages encouraging people to come-out and become LGBT Human Rights activists
  4. Humanizing anti-LGBT prejudice and hate crime victims, talking about the good points of LGBT people as said by family and friends
  5. Speak out on unpublished LGBT Rights issues and accounts
  6. Themes that will not alienate the general straight public like “a gun knows no gender” or like messages from the straight family members and friends, that state “you don’t need to be LGBT to be pro-LGBT”
  7. Messages that engage homophobes and transphobes encouraging them to let go of bigotry
  8. Messages that strive to end apathy towards LGBT Rights issues, like: “this may happen to you” and “Do not wait for us to become a Uganda”

It has been noted that should we succeed in producing and promoting these viral videos, it may be possible to show all of them in a form of LGBT Rights themed film showing.

It has also been noted we should try branching out to Radio shows, as it may be easier to get-on radio show guestings to promote the group’s activism.

And to fund this endeavor, along with other future PLHCW projects, we should all work together to support Rainbow Pilipinas Productions!

C. We’ve also discussed what NGO projects we should aim for and we discussed that we should prioritize:

1. Conference about LGBT Human Rights, prevention of hate crimes, etc

2. Action Research on violence and prejudiced experienced by LGBT Filipinos due to homophobic and transphobic bigotry

3. A PFLAG! Parent’s activity about LGBT Human Rights. “Education on gender identity and sexual orientation”

D. We've also discussed an awareness campaign targeting LGBT gathering places! It mostly involves us going to these places distributing fliers about our activism and talking people-up so they can be made aware of LGBT Human Rights issues in the Philippines.

E. Next meet-up 19 November 2011:

  1. Follow-up meeting for the 29 November 2011 forum
  2. Bring your friends and family! Let’s discuss how they came to be accepting and supportive of LGBT Rights! J

Posted by yours truly:
Reighben Earl Wysten M. Labilles
Head Researcher and Spokesperson
The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch
Mobile Number: 09179714096

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