Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LGBT Rights Blog Fest

Allies old, young and new!

We have yet to have a name for our LGBT rights blog fest but let's go with it and get on writing and tweeting! All we need to do is

(1) Write about your experience of being a victim of prejudice and/or violence because of your sexual orientation and/or gender identity. If you have none of your own, but if you know someone else's story, write about that!

(2) Write about the human rights of LGBT People. Write about why it should be promoted, protected, respected and fulfilled. Write about why we should end Anti-LGBT prejudice and violence.

(3) Post it on your personal blog. Tweet about it! then post a link to our FB group.

(4) I'll then post it on the hate crime watch blog Then I'll tweet about your post, giving links to your twitter account, your blog and hate crime watch's.

The end result is that we can finally create online Filipino stories on the real situations LGBT people face in our country. We can finally break that false belief that there is no anti-LGBT prejudice in the Philippines. We can hopefully inspire more people to come out with their own stories, blog and tweet about it like we do, and well, join our advocacy!

(Of course, as we do this, we can promote our FB page, our hate crime watch blog, and your personal blog and twitter accounts. Yey!)

So there. Let's get to it!
(Guys, write from the heart! It can be english, tagalog, or a local language of your choice. Just make sure that it's coherent and follows the rules of writing, syntax, and grammar of the language you chose. It does not need to be formal! In fact, try to make it as personal as possible. Thanks!)


Reighben Labilles

Head Researcher and Spokesperson

The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch

Mobile Number: 09179714096

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