Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 September 2011 HCW meet-up results!

by Reighben EarlWysten Mendoza Labilles-Lacsamana on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 10:05pm

The meet-up, though not as populous as we wanted it to be, was enlightening, encouraging, and productive! Anyway, here’s what we’ve decided on during the meeting:

1. We have to find out which institutions and embassies provide funding and assistance to LGBT rights organizations. We have to check-out what kind of projects they support and then make proposals to submit to them.

2. We have to find supportive politicians or local funders who would provide assistance to the HCW for its future large scale projects.

3. Send a formal letter to possibly LGBT-friendly Senators, and the DOJ; and provide them copies of the database. Find out as to what extent they can support the HCW’s advocacy.

4. Prepare for the forum in Congress (as sponsored by GWP) on 10 December 2011 by:

a. Looking for possible speakers on LGBT rights

b. Expanding active membership by conducting inspiring discussions that motivate people to recognize their human rights and fight against anti-LGBT prejudice. These discussions will cover topics relevant to LGBT issues and Human Rights. Through this approach, we can also identify what kinds of prejudice against LGBT people exist in the country. We may also find out the violence they experienced because people targeted them due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. And we can do this by:

i. Asking current members to bring friend(s), acquaintances, office mates, or relatives during our public, once-a-month, open-invite, general meet-ups (the next one is on October 1st 2011! Venue will be announced soon).

ii. Going to the LGBT community organizations and/or LGBT rights organizations, once a month, and conduct open discussions in their locality!

iii. Asking current members to invite bring friend(s), acquaintances, office mates, or relatives to join our FB group ( ), follow us on twitter (!/reighben ), and read our blog posts ( )!

c. A massive social media campaign that asks members of the HCW to blog about human rights, LGBT issues, and prejudice. Once posted, members tweet about it! Members send me a link to the post and I post it in the HCW blog! Then I tweet about it too (giving links to your blog and the HCW’s)! :) Together, we can not only popularize the hate crime watch online but also reveal to the world the realities of the LGBT experience from a Filipino’s perspective. Maybe we can call it, “Philippine Rainbow Blog Drive?” I dunno, come-up with a better, catchier name! :)

5. Prepare for that extra-special video! :) (details will be posted once finalized)

6. Bring friend(s), acquaintances, office mates, or relatives, that are supportive of LGBT rights, to support Direk Ricky Rivero during the court trial about the crime involving his former intimate partner, this 13 September 2011, 8:30am, at the Quezon City RTC beside the Quezon City Hall. (We'll go to RM 225 together)

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