Friday, September 23, 2011

Short Reactions to Mr. Taberna's Homophobia

These are reactions to Mr Taberna's statements that can be viewed here:

1. By Reighben Labilles (Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch, Head Researcher and Spokesperson) from Facebook.

Also a reaction to all homophobic comments found on this thread:

What is deplorable is not that Mr. Taberna was homophobic in this video ( ) with regards to the SM Pampanga Mall Shooting but he tried, poorly, to mask it as statements meaning well.

But no, after hearing and watching the video again and again, it is homophobia no matter what angle I analyze it.

Think about this:

Had the Philippines not been bigoted towards LGBT People, would this tragedy occur? If we were a more accepting, human rights-based society, the kids would have had a holistic and positive understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity. They could have been molded to have a more responsible and wise attitude towards relationships. If our society didn't spend so much time and energy demonizing the LGBT because of homophobia and transphobia based on bigoted cultural beliefs and religious dogma, these kids might have led a happy life, without resorting to violence. I hope more of us realizes that it is bigotry that we should be against. And that we should advocate for a more inclusive society for everyone.

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2. By Ms. Mae Emmanuel from Facebook.

"Dear Anthony Taberna, There's nothing wrong in flaunting your sexuality, even at a very young age. What's wrong is flaunting your bigoted biases against other people. Miss Fierce"

3. From Rye Gaba Del Carmen from Facebook.

Anthony Taberna's comments about the SM shooting during the balitaktakan segment was really disappointing. Media is to be blamed kasi pagbukas ng TV puro kabaklaan ang nakikita? Kaya naeengganyo ang kabataan na magflaunt at an early age? That's a cheap take on the situation. I hope I misunderstood his intentions.

And (With regards to the Umagang Kay Ganda Page ):

It's interesting that the administrator of this page has made comments about Pinky Webb's absence but has not made a single statement on Anthony Taberna's gay slur. I made my first comment about it almost 24 hours ago and no one from your production / management team has given a response on it. Priorities people?

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