Thursday, September 8, 2011



- Proposals passed to the EU

- Concept Notes being created for ALG and LGBT-Friendly Embassies

- On-the-ground promotion of the Hate Crime Watch during Zombadings screenings

- Information forwarded to concerned foreign embassies

- Partnerships being established with Crusade Against Violence, PNP, NBI, and CHR

- On-going networking with media interested in promoting the Hate Crime Watch.

Upcoming Activity

Next meet-up of the group (everyone interested is encouraged to join! Just email me at or leave a comment below to state your interest to be a part of the Hate Crime Watch) is on 10 September 2011.


- To plan a mobilization in support of Ricky Rivero’s court arraignment on 13 September 2011.

- To further discuss the concept and indicators of prejudice, bias, and hate crime based on the database and available literature (for the new people who want to join this meet-up, email me at or leave a comment below so I can forward the documents)

- To discuss the concept notes to be submitted to LGBT-friendly embassies and funding agencies

- To discuss a possible forum on LGBT rights and hate crimes that will be conducted within Congress

- To discuss formalizing a working partnership with the Crusade Against Violence.

- To set specific activities that will improve the membership, capability, network and overall advocacy aims that can be accomplished by the current group.

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