Thursday, September 22, 2011

On Reacting to Homophobes and Making Group Statements

Individual and Organizational Members of the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch! (forgive me If couldn't tag you, because FB can't tag your name! *Read the FB Note at¬e_id=10150390567512275 )

Please direct your attention to this video:

Earlier, it was my impression that it was only somewhat offensive. But after hearing it again, and again, I have realized that Taberna used his journalistic skills to mask his intense homophobia. And as such, this must be reprimanded. It has been the view of Marlon Lacsamana, Rev. Ceejay Agbayani, Oscar Atadero, and Ging Cristobal that we make a statement against this.

At first, I was apprehensive as I shared an initial opinion with fellow Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch member Chris Salvatierra that Mr. Taberna had a way out. But no, he doesn't.

I have meditated on this and reflected on the statements and manner of delivery of Mr. Taberna and I now support the views of Marlon, Ceejay, Oscar, and Ging. We shall make and release a statement on this.

But I have emphasized that this is a membership organization and above all I value the voice of many above the voice of the few. So I implore you, all of you, whether you have been tagged to this post or not to provide your view of Taberna's statement. The final statement of the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch shall be composed of the views of all.

While you guys are at it, post your opinions on the article linked below as we're going to create a statement on it also:

From now on, let's make statement-making for the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch communal! Of course, ultimately, only a handful will write and edit it (depending on the availability) but the contents and views in it should be reflective of the members' statements as much as possible. Let's make the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch a revolutionary advocacy with revolutionary methods!

Thank You.

Reighben Earl Wysten M. Labilles
Head Researcher and Spokesperson
The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch

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